Dynamic Compression Therapy helps by playing a key role in the treatment of sport injuries being

used by sports physiotherapists across the globe. Anything from a sprained ankle to tennis elbow

can be helped by early use of Dynamic Compression therapy. Generally when a sports person

gets injured it results in a loss of mobility in the injured limb.


Sprained Ankle

If we look at the common example of a sprained ankle. And this is very common. In the UK alone

there are an estimated 2 million sprained ankles a year. Average heal time is 1-2 weeks. The ligaments in the ankle have been over stretched or possibly torn. There is no magic pill for this situation, you have to wait for the body to heal itself. So that you do not continue to add to the damage already caused the body swells up the area around the ankle which in turn makes it painful if you try to walk. However the very protection method also slows down the healing process. The inflammation around the ankle cuts down on the ability to get freshly oxygenated blood to the damaged tissue. Also losing the ability to walk further restricts the blood flow to the area.

So what can we do to help? If we remove the inflammation from the area then this will help to allow

oxygenated blood to the tissue. Also if we increase the blood flow in the lower leg then this will

also increase the rate of healing.


Dynamic Compression is perfect for this process. If a half leg garment is used then this helps with

both areas. Firstly by compressing the inflamed area intermittently it reduces the swelling. First

goal achieved. Now that the damaged tissue is able to receive an unimpeded blood supply. As a

half legging is being used the large calf muscle is also being compressed. There is a large pool of

blood in this muscle and with the help of the bodies venous return system as the muscle is compressed the blood is returned to the heart and then as it is decompressed a fresh supply of blood replaces it as the pressure garment is decompressed. So now we also have an increased blood supply. Second goal has been achieved.


The longer the therapy can be applied to the injured area the more effective the treatment will

be. Generally the patient will be up and around by the second day of treatment. A vast improvement over natural healing alone. Another important fact is early treatment. The sooner an injury is treated the quicker the recovery time will be.


Other Injuries: The same process as explained for the sprained ankle can generally be applied

across the board. The process is just helping the body to help itself. The important facts are:-

Early treatment. Remove inflammation Continued Treatment Increased blood flow



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