12 chamber sequential  & peristaltic gradient compression pump


The Lymph 12 Pro unit has been designed to be used in the clinic. It's compact yet powerful design gives excellent clinical performance.


The Cyclone compressor is very powerful and gives a rapid garment inflation, which in turn gives a very high pressure rise time. This rapid inflation helps gives the treatment of Lymphoedema by removal of the lymph fluid from the limbs, giving the clinical excellence expected from Pulse Press systems


The system can be used with two garments at the same time and has fully mode


The fully microprocessor controlled pressure contrlled system never requires calibrating and as with all Pulse Press system in the event of a power failure mid cycle the system automatically vents the pressure in the garments.


All Pulse Press systems are 100% built and tested in the UK to a fully Medically Approved Quality System.


Three Year Product Warranty


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Pre-Drainage Mode


This mode has been designed to immitate Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) to open the lymph nodes. Once the nodes have been opened, it allows easier drainage of excessive lymph and for the treatment to proceed.


Peristaltic Mode


Offers a gentle wave of inflation, working in a traditional Distal to Proximal manner. This method in lymph drainage is preferred by some patients as it offers greater comfort than Sequential inflation at the cost of overall effectiveness of reducing the limb size is lower.


Gradient Sequential Mode


The garment is inflated fully from Distal to Proximal . Once fully inflated the entire garment is deflated before the cycle repeats. This method offers a greater level of lymph drainage.


Combination Therapy


The Lymph 12 Pro has two modes which automatically combine the Pre-Drainage mode and the Peristaltic or Sequential modes. The benefit is that during a single treatment the limb is initially prepared by opening the lymph nodes and then automatically switches into the chosen lymph drainage mode.


Product Specification


Pressure Range                 30-100mmHg

Compressor Output            16-24 ltrs / min

Cycle Times                        Inflation   Automatic

                                           Deflation  Automatic

                                           Therapy   30-60 mins

Mode Selection                   x7 different modes

Size                                    187mm x 166mm x 150mm

Weight                                3.15Kg

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