In a world of increasing life expectancy the problems associated with the elderly are becoming

ever more prominent in society. Leg ulcers are such a case. In the Western world over 20% of

the population over 80 years old have leg ulcers. In the UK alone over 1% of the annual healthcare

budget is now spent on curing leg ulcers. Dynamic Compression can be used in conjunction

with Static compression stockings to greatly increase the healing rate of leg ulcers. Also regular

use of a Dynamic Compression system can help in the prevention of leg ulcers.


Venous Ulcers

The most common type of leg ulcer, accounting for 70% of leg ulcers. The cause of venous ulcers

in normally due to venous insufficiency. Early signs are swollen lower legs, Lymphedema ( Click

here to link to Lymphedema ). This leads to a reduction in oxygenation as the skin surface. Any

damage to the surface normally leads to a venous ulcer, as the lack of oxygen rich blood leading

to a very slow healing rate. The application of Dynamic Compression Therapy firstly reduces the

swelling in the lower leg. This helps to re-oxygenation the skin and thus increases the rate of healing.


Diabetic Ulcers

These ulcers are very common amongst the diabetic population. Normally found on the feet it is

essential to heal these ulcers as quickly as possible to prevent the extreme action of amputation.

Again due the varicous insufficiency the use of Dynamic


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