D.V.T. (Deep Vein Thrombosis)


The area of DVT has been bought to the public notice recently with the increased incidence of

airline passengers suffering from the condition. In reality there is a far greater chance of suffering

from DVT after a major surgical operation. To help prevent the occurrence of DVT it is common

to use a drug called heparin to thin the blood. Of course there are consequences of using this

drug, the patient is more likely to haemorrhage after the surgery.


There is an alternative, Dynamic Compression.


These specially designed pumps and pressure garments help to keep circulation

of blood in the lower legs and thus prevent a DVT occurring. The system is used during and after

surgery until the patient is up onto there feet once again.


The garments tend to be made from a breathable material as they are used for up to a week continuously

and are generally single patient use.


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