6 chamber sequential gradient compression pump


The Physio 6 unit has been designed to be easy to use for use both at home and in the clinic. It's compact design gives good portability whilst still having the power to deliver a good clinical performance.


The system can be used with two garments at the same time and has fully adjustable inflation and deflation timer controls.


The fully microprocessor controlled pressure meter never requires calibrating and as with all Pulse Press system in the event of a power failure mid cycle the system automatically vents the pressure in the garments.


All Pulse Press systems are 100% built and tested in the UK to a fully Medically Approved Quality System.


Three Year Product Warranty

Product Specification


Pressure Range                 30-100mmHg

Compressor Output            14-20 ltrs / min

Cycle Times                        Inflation   5-120 secs

                                           Deflation  5-60 secs

Size                                    187mm x 166mm x 150mm

Weight                                2.10Kg

6 Chamber garments for use with this pump

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